CCScholz Design
& Marketing

Idea generator, problem solver,
and creative challenge hunter.
Award-winning goat milker and designer (in that order).

Experienced, driven, creative professional looking for fun, exciting
design challenges. In my 15+ years of experience, I have worked as
a designer in a small ad agency, boutique design firm, and as an art and creative director for national catalog companies.

Currently, marketing firms, growing retail businesses, catalog product development, book design, and a renewable energy start-up have been my focus.

I have enjoyed solving design challenges for large brands including Target, 3M, FedEx, MGIC, Hormel, to midsize like Acorn Direct, Northern Brewer, Universal Screen Arts, to start-ups and non-profits like SheerWind and Depart Smart.

What can I help you with?

• Graphic design
• Creative direction
• Brand creation & development
• Marketing & communication strategy
• Name generation
• Product design & development
• Creative strategy
• Web & email marketing
• Start-up consulting
• Media design